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天然染料顔料会議 第14回大会は、2017年11月11日(土)、12日(日)に筑後市他で開催しました。
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天然染料顔料会議 第13回大会は、2016年12月に、滋賀県で開催しました。
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The 14th meeting of Natural Dyes and Pigments Conference will taken place in Fukuoka Nov. 2017.

The 13th meeting of Natural Dyes and Pigments Conference will taken place in Shiga Dec. 2016.


 天然染料顔料会議Natural Dyes and Pigments Conference(略称NDPC)は、環境を考え、地球に負荷のかからない循環型の天然染料顔料の研究・開発、社会一般への普及活動を目的として発足しました。

A greeting message from NDPC

Natural Dyes and Pigments Conference (NDPC) is an organization founded to foster research and development in natural dyes and pigments which are environmentally low-impact and biodegradable, and to promote the use of such dyes and pigments to the society at large.

DPC invites dye and pigment researchers and artists, as well as amateur dyers and craftworkers to our academic forums, seminars, workshops and exhibitions. Our activities are designed to promote the use of natural colors with consideration of the global environment, which include research and presentation on colors derived from natural sources, conservation of dye plants and natural pigments, and preservation activities of traditional techniques. We would like this conference to stimulate public awareness of natural dyes and pigments by presenting research and workshops, while serving as a platform of opportunity for professional development for NDPC members, both from Japan and abroad.
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Natural Dyes and Pigments Conference
2-3-9,Matsugae Otaru, 047-0022 Japan

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