The first Natural Dyes and Pigments Conference (NDPC)

A Natural Dyes and Pigments Conference (NDPC) organising group has been established.
The objectives of this organization shall be to deliberate on environmental issues, to research and develop natural dyes and pigments that are returnable to the earth and thus have minimum impact on the environment, and to promote the use of such dyes and pigments in society at large. This conference will provide a common study forum for both national and international members.

The conference will consist of
* Original presentations by researchers, artists and amateurs
* Seminars on natural dye and pigment preservation, and traditional techniques
* Workshops and Exhibitions.

1) Hold academic conferences, forums, and scheduled classes
2) Research and develop natural dyes and pigments
3) Implement related education and promotional activities in society at large.
4) Foster, train, and promote activities of instructors.
5) Issue newsletters and other publications.
6) Collaborate and build alliance with related organizations nationwide.
7) Cooperate with and support the activities of other organizations and regions that share similar objectives.
8) Conduct other activities necessary for the achievement of the objectives of this organization.

Below is the schedule for the first NDPC conference, including an inaugural constitutional meeting. We hope as many of you as possible will be able to participate.

Satoshi Ushida, Professor, Mukogawa Womenfs University
Izumi Fumoto, President of Colours & Dyeing Club in the Nagoya & Osaka area
Takako Terada, Associate Professor, Kwassui Women's College
Kazuki Yamazaki, President of Plant of Laboratory Kakiu Studio
Hisako Sumi, Chairperson of NPO Earthnetwork
Wednesday 25th - Sunday 29th August 2004
Yamaguchi Fureai Park (Yamaguchi) 25th - 26th August
Tsuyazaki Cultural Hall (Fukuoka) 28th August
Tsuyazaki eAi no Ief (Fukuoka) 29th August
For this first conference, we have planned a wide variety of activities including presentations, discussions, lectures, and workshops.
* Wednesday 25th August
13:00-13:30 Inaugural constitutional meeting of the e NDPCf
13:45-17:00 Presentations [Recent research with discussion]
eDistinctive colour traits of natural dyesf -----Kazuki Yamazaki
eResults of recent Tyrian purple fieldworkf ----Takako Terada
eGreen dye with Polygonum and Clerodendrum trichotomum Thunbf ----Izumi Fumoto
eFermentation dye with precipitated indigo from Polygonum and Sukumo productionf ----Hisako Sumi
eTemperature effects on purple colours with fresh Polygonum leavesf
----Satoshi Ushida
17:30-19:00 Dinner
19:00-20:30 Panel discussion
e The purposes for using natural dyes and pigments ? the history and the futuref
Principal lecturer---Satoshi Ushida

Panellists---Takako Terada, Kazuki Yamazaki, Hisako Sumi
* Thursday 26th August
9:30-10:30 Lecture
ePlant and animal biology of Setouchif---Kengo Okuda
10:30-17:00 Workshop
ePicking and dyeing of Japanese madder (Rubia Akene Nakai)f---Izumi Fumoto
eMurasaki (Lithospermum erythrorhizon) dye with camellia ash mordant and its featuresf---Kazuki Yamazaki
eObservation of dyeing with Thais clavigera (Kuster) at Setouchif---Kengo Okuda, Takako Terada
eComparison of the four types of Japanese indigo containing plantsf---Satoshi Ushida, Hisako Sumi
* Friday 27th August
* Saturday 28th August
Lectures at eTsuyazaki Cultural Hallf in Fukuoka
9:30-11:00 eThe study of purple shellf---Takako Terada
11:00-12:30 ePlants around Munakataf ?wind, water, soil and scent- ---Mamoru Mizukami
--Recess and Lunch---
13:30-14:00 eHistory and conservation of Ai no Ief---Tomiko Shibata
14:00-15:30 eApplications of indigo dyeing with fresh Polygonum leavesf --- Satoshi Ushida
15:30-16:30 eUse of indigo pigmentf---Hisako Sumi
* Sunday 29th August
Workshop at eAi no Ief
Whole day program - various dyeing techniques with Polygonum leaves --- Satoshi Ushida, Hisako Sumi
25th August [Presentations and Panel discussion] 2000yen for NDPC members and locals, 3000yen for public admission.
26th August [Lecture and Workshop] 5000yen for NDPC members and locals, 10000yen for public admission.
28th August [Lecture] 3000yen for NDPC members and locals, 5000yen for public admission.
29th August [Workshop] 5000yen for NDPC members and locals, 10000yen for public admission.
* NDPC membership (Enrolment Fee 1000yen, Annual Membership Fee 5000yen)
Fureai Park in Yamaguchi - available for participants on the 25th and 26th August (2 nights and 4 meals, 4 person dormitory) Approximately 10000yen per person.
Tsuyazaki public quarters in Fukuoka ---7245yen for 1 night and 2 meals (Please apply as soon as possible).
Application and contact for further information
Available via e-mail
http://www.mukogawa-u.ac.jp/~ushida/ (Ushida)
http://indigo.june-bride.com/ (Sumi)