Natural Dyes and Pigments Conference (NDPC)

Articles of the Organization


Chapter 1  General Provisions


Article 1  Name

1) The name of this organization shall be Ten-nen Senryo Ganryo Kaigi.
2) The name of this organization shall be Natural Dyes and Pigments Conference in English, and may be abbreviated as NDPC.


Article 2     Head office

The Head office of this organization shall be located at 5-8-207 Minami Ichi-jo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo.


Chapter 2 Objectives and Activities


Article 3       Objectives

The objectives of this organization shall be to (a) deliberate on environmental issues; (b) research and develop natural dyes and pigments which are returnable to the earth and thus have minimum impact on the environment; and (c) promote the use of such dyes and pigments to the society at large.

Article 4       Activities

This organization shall perform the following activities to achieve the objectives defined in the preceding article:
1)          Hold academic conferences, forums, and scheduled classes;
2)          Research and develop natural dyes and pigments;
3)          Implement related educational and promotional activities to the society at large;
4)          Foster, train, and promote activities of instructors;
5)          Issue newsletters and other publications;
6)          Collaborate and build alliance with related organizations nationwide.
7)          Cooperate with and support the activities of other organizations and regions which share similar objectives;
8)          Conduct other activities necessary for the achievement of the objectives of this organization.

Article 5       Membership

Members of this organization shall constitute the following two categories:

1) Individuals who are enrolled in this organization upon agreement with its objectives shall be considered Regular Members.
2) Individuals who are enrolled in this organization by their deeds of support or individuals and corporations who support the activities of this organization shall be considered Supporting Members.

Article 6   Membership Enrollment

Those who wish to be enrolled in the NDPC are required to notify such intention to the Chairperson as specified in the supplemental document and their membership must be approved by the Board of Directors.

Article 7   Membership Fees

1) Each member is obliged to pay an enrollment fee and an annual membership fee as defined in the supplemental document.
2) Membership fees may be exempted as specified in the supplemental document.

Enrollment fees, annual membership fees, and supporting membership fees or deeds may not be returned under any circumstances.

Article 8   Regular Member Privileges

Regular Members shall be granted with the following privileges, however, as defined in the supplemental document, such privileges will be restricted in the event that the membership fee payment is outstanding.

Regular Members may:

1) become a representative to form the General Assembly of this organization;
2) participate in academic conferences held by this organization;
3) submit articles to newsletters and websites issued by this organization; and
4) subscribe to newsletters issued by this organization.

Article 9   Forfeiture of Membership

Membership shall be forfeited if one of the following conditions applies to a member:

1) Voluntary withdrawal from membership of this organization;
2) In the event of death or officially confirmed disappearance, or when the organization of which he/she is a member is dissolved; or,
3) Dismissal from this organization.

Article 10   Membership Withdrawal

Members may voluntarily withdraw from membership by notifying the Chairperson of such intention.

Article 11   Dismissal

If one of the following applies to a member, the Chairperson may dismiss him/her from this organization as defined in the supplemental document:

1) When there is an act of damage to the honor or, of infringement on the objectives of this organization;
2) When a regulation of this organization or decision of the Executive Board is violated; or
3) When a fee is delinquent for two or more years.

Chapter 4   Board Members and Officers

Article 12   Board Members

This organization shall have the following officers:

1) A designated number of Directors (including one Chairperson and one Vice Chairperson), and
2) A designated number of Trustees.

Article 13   Appointment of Board Members

1) Directors and Trustees shall be appointed through the General Assembly.
2) A Chairperson and a Vice Chairperson shall be chosen among the members of the Board.
3) Directors and Trustees may not concurrently occupy posts of appointment.

Article 14   Duties of Chairperson

1) The Chairperson shall officially represent this organization.
2) The Vice Chairperson shall assist the duties of the Chairperson and assume his/her duties in the event that he/she is unable to perform the duty. 

Article 15   Duties of Directors

Directors shall constitute the Board of Directors, conduct duties for the operation of this organization, and establish and enforce particulars regarding the implementation of NDPC regulations.

Article 16   Duty Terms of Officers

1) Duty terms of officers shall be for two years; however, reelection shall be permitted.
2) Officers shall implement duties until the successor accedes to the post, even subsequent to the termination of his/her term.

Article 17     NDPC Representatives

Members who wish to become representatives of the organization may do so by declaring such intention to the Chairperson according to the prescriptions of the supplemental document before the subsequent fiscal year.

Article 18: Duties of Representative

Representatives shall be required to actively participate in the administration of this organization.

Article 19: Duty Term of Representatives

The duty term of representatives shall be for two years; however, reelection shall be permitted.

Article 20   Number of Representatives

The number of representatives shall be as prescribed in the supplemental document.

Article 21   Advisors

1) The Board of Directors may appoint Advisors from within the committee when deemed necessary.
2) The Advisors may attend Board Meetings and may submit opinions concerning the administration; however, they shall not participate in decision-making.

Article 22   Secretariat

1) The Secretariat shall be under the immediate direction of the Board of Directors and allocate duties according to its instruction.
2) A designated number of Secretaries shall be appointed by the Board of Directors from among Regular or Supporting members; and

3) One General Secretary shall be appointed among those Secretaries

Chapter 5   NDPC Meetings

Article 23   Form of Meetings

1)   Meetings of this organization shall be held in the form of General Assembly and Board Meetings.
2)   The General Assembly shall be composed of representatives.
3)   Board Meetings shall be composed of Directors and Trustees.

Article 24   General Assembly

1)Ordinary General Assembly shall be held once per year.@
2)Special Meetings shall convene when deemed necessary through the Board Meetings.
3) General Assembly shall convene at the request of the Chairperson.

Article 25   Items to be determined by the General Assembly

The items to be determined by the General Assembly shall be as follows:
1)   The appointment of Directors
2)   The appointment of Trustees
3)   Reporting of activities and finances
4)   Proposals of projects and budgets
5)   The amendment of the Regulations
6)   The dismissal of members

Article 26   Quorum for General Assembly and Specifics

1) General Assembly shall not be held unless one-half of the representatives are present, including the presence through proxy.
2) Decisions shall be made through a one-half majority vote of the quorum, with the allowance of proxy voting.

Article 27   Board Meetings

1) Board Meetings shall convene at the request of the Chairperson.
2) Quorum for the Board Meetings and its specifics shall follow those of the General Assembly

Chapter 6   Administration

Article 28   Assets

Assets of this organization shall be gained through such means as general membership fees, donations, and from the proceeds of activities conducted by this organization.

Article 29   Asset Management

Assets shall be administered by the Chairperson according to decisions made by the Board of Directors.

Article 30     Fiscal Year

The fiscal year shall commence on the first of April and conclude on the 31st of March the following year.

Article 31   Dissolution

This organization may not be dissolved unless approved by a three-fourths majority by the presiding directors and participating members.

Article 32     Subsidiary Provisions

Particulars regarding implementation of these articles shall be defined in the supplemental documents in accordance with the Board Meetings decisions/ or rulings.

Chapter 7  Supplementary Provisions

Additional Provisions

1) Membership, privileges and obligations of the former Japan Plant Dye Conference shall be succeeded to this organization.
2) Notwithstanding the provisions of Article     or Article   , the founding directors and representatives of this organization shall be as specified in the supplemental documents.
3) Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 17, the duty term of founding directors shall conclude on the day of General Assembly in the year 2004.
4) These articles shall take effect from (month/day, year.)



Satoshi Ushida, Professor, Mukogawa Womenfs University 

Izumi Fumoto, President of Colors & Dyeing Club in the Nagoya/Osaka area

Takako Terada, Associate Professor, Kwassui  Womenes  College

Kazuki Yamazaki, Director of Kusaki Craft Studio

Hisako Sumi, Chairperson of NPO Earthnetwork